EFT Training
with Sonya Sophia

Heal Yourself & Help Humanity

10 day Advanced EFT Practitioner Training
near Austin, TX ~ June 7th to 16th, 2019

Become a Certified EFT Practitioner 
Find Tribe
Learn to use EFT & give sessions

  Get individual support
  Heal in EFT sessions
  Stretch & Grow
  Dance & Play
  Become an EFT "Angel"


EFT Training Package - $3,900

Returning Student Price - $2,900

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(Payment plans at purchase)
You will Learn to
♥ Transform triggers
♥ Heal the past
♥ Clear patterns
♥ Manifest
♥ Give & receive love
♥ Give Tapping sessions
♥ Personal Peace Procedure
♥ Test work & get feedback
♥ 12 EFT Techniques
Stand in your power

 Cypress Valley ~ near Austin, Texas

Live in conscious community with your Tap Tribe

When you come to this training you will be living and learning in conscious community in a beautiful circular hand built ranch house. The sacred land nourishes the Spirit as you are fed with delicious organic food made 3x per day according to your own dietary needs.

Cypress Valley is a beautiful retreat center 45 minutes from Austin, Texas in a rural landscape which boasts a spring fed swimming pool and a wrap around porch and a sun deck.

Sleeping arrangements are community cozy - all rooms are shared. If you prefer to be solo, camping on the land is a lovely option. We have a combination of indoor beds & futons, spots for tents- and single beds on a screened in sleeping porch.

We aim to lovingly feed your heart & soul as you earn your EFT certification.

You will emerge from this training with a super powerful way of serving the world, healing yourself and earning a living helping others.

“This is one of the, most Nourishing, Activating & Empowering experiences you could ever sign yourself up for.  Recommended!"
Tuition Includes
Beginner/ Intermediate online with 3 live Q&A sessions

 10 day Intermediate / Advanced Training (includes food & lodging)

 Training materials

 1 year membership to the World Tapping Circle

 EFT Practitioner Certification from The Sophia School of Living Arts

 Continued support via Advanced Practitioners Facebook group

*Note -  Beginner Level EFT Online Course - included in package is a prerequisite for attending 10 day training. 
Training Schedule
Live, Love  & Learn on Sacred Land 

Arrive between 5-6pm on Friday, June 7th
Depart at 3-4pm on Sunday, June 16th
Please note that due to the intensive style of this retreat, participants are not permitted to arrive late, or leave early.

3 hrs of Class each Day  

Learn EFT with Sonya Sophia in group sessions.

Practice  EFT techniques and Tap on common themes like love, money, and purpose. 

Evening Delights

Optional inspiring movies, fun campfire sing-a-longs & other delightful costumed surprises happen in the evenings! This evenings are a TREASURE!
3+ hours of EFT Practice Daily 

Trade private sessions within the group each day to help you learn not only EFT, but also how to structure sessions, manage time & support clients.

You’ll be able to ask questions and get solid feedback.

You will have support from skilled EFT practitioners who assist throughout the training. 

Daily Movement & Meditation

For 7 days you will have physical exercise designed to help you  drop into your body.   Group Meditation classes will help you center and unite your mind with Spirit. 
Creative Play

Such as dancing, singing, costumed dinners  & painting  to allow you to integrate your experiences along the way.

Personal Time

You will get time to relax, go for walks, have a long lunch, nap, journal and enjoy tea with your new friends every day. Often in this time, spontaneous massage, music, cuddling & life changing conversations happen.

EFT Training Package - $3,900

Returning Student Price - $2,900

Buy Training Package

(Payment plans at purchase)
“In Sonya’s training I learned a profoundly heartfelt and totally accessible way to unravel deep trauma & pain that years of therapy could not touch. I am forever grateful. 

These 10 days have revealed to me the roots of so many long held, painful beliefs…shining love, light, healing & understanding on them in a very supportive, super safe, group setting where everyone is included.” K.W. (Graduate, Spring 2017)

Included in Your Package
30+ hr Beginner/Intermediate 6 week online course value $375
1 year of  World Tapping Circle (52 live Circles + video library) value $302

♥ 10 days EFT Training with Sonya Sophia

♥ Nourishing meals with mostly organic food - dinner on arrival through lunch on departure

9 nights lodging (share a room or camp in nature)

♥ 25+ hours of teaching time with Sonya Sophia

♥ 25+ hours supervised practice time

♥ 24 hr support from experienced EFT Practitioners

♥ Daily morning meditation practice

♥ Daily yoga or Ecstatic dance

♥ Creative play time

♥ All course materials

♥ Advanced EFT Practitioner Certification from Sophia School of Living Arts 

Get Trained in EFT
payment options available at purchase
Sonya Sophia is an EFT expert, gifted empath & 'Love Activist' with 30 years of experience in the Healing Arts. She learned EFT in 2004 from the creator of Tapping, Gary Craig. 

Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts, an online Healing Arts School, which produces The World Tapping Circle a come as you are online EFT session + video library. 

Sonya's personal story

Meet Team Love
These all stars are TEAM LOVE - they support you throughout your entire training. More members added in the months leading up to the Training!
Teaching Assistant

Jennifer works full-time with Sonya Sophia & Team Love, birthing dreams into reality.  If you have questions about the Training, it will most likely be her who answers!


She has studied & worked in the Healing Arts for 15 years, specializing in EFT since 2010, with Master Level EFT Practitioner certification from The Sophia School of Living Arts. 

For the last 14 years she’s been living between Asia, Europe & the Americas.  She gives EFT sessions & leads workshops all over the world as she travels.  She adores watching people’s faces light up as they release painful memories & fall in love with Life.

She’s loves meditation, long walks (like over 600 miles long) & writing poetry which are generally love notes whispered between her & the Divine.


Teaching Assistant
Jeff is a Master Level practitioner and teacher of the Emotional Freedom Technique, studying with and assisting the Sophia School since 2012.

He's served as a healer and facilitated workshops and retreats both internationally and within the west coast transformational festival circuit, and holds a private practice serving individuals across the globe as well as working collaboratively with progressive organizations including the Earth Nation and the New Life Foundation.

His skill set draws from meditation, sound healing, martial arts, life force cultivation and developments in neurocardiolgy, with EFT as his primary instrument to deliver and influence peace, clarity, hope, freedom and joy.

Teaching Assistant
13 years ago Johna was suffering from severe PTSD, addiction, chronic depression, and hopelessness. She found EFT and could tell something was changing inside of her. Within a very short amount of time she was living a radically new life.

A certified Advanced EFT Practitioner since 2007. She is an avid meditator, constantly devouring the most cutting-edge methodologies for mindset optimization.

Her practice is crafted from years of tried and true techniques. She offers true compassion and the knowing that with commitment and consistency you will find your way. Not only has she done it  herself, but for more than a decade, she’s assisted and witnessed countless others in their triumph.

Johna works with clients in her San Francisco office and globally through video meetings to achieve deep transformation.

Dr Anna

Teaching Assistant
Anna is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and EFT practitioner who uses emotional freedom technique in her work as an integrative medical practitioner, hospitalist, festival emergency medical care provider a pain management clinician.

Anna was trained in EFT  by Sonya Sophia in 2015.  Impressed  by the speed and depth of healing she witnessed in both herself and the others at Sonya’s workshops, she has attended several of Sonya’s subsequent retreats and is now assisting Sonya in a supportive role.



Teaching Assistant
Michael has spent the better part of a decade dedicating his life to music and healing, and he’s witnessed profound experiences along the way.  

He is an Advanced Certified EFT Tapping Therapist with 500+ hours of Advanced EFT certification with the Sophia School.

Michael practices and teaches about EFT with Matrix Re-imprinting, Cranial Sacral, & herbal wellness.  Also, a Bay-Area based composer and musician, focusing on leading edge holistic healing tools. Michael’s mission is to support people to transform, and to connect you with your inner power of stillness, peace, and transformation.


Teaching Assistant
In the process of healing and transforming her own trauma, she discovered EFT  through the Sophia School of Living Arts.

EFT provided such a rapid shift in her own life that she was dedicated to learn this process in order to help others, along with holistic health coaching and breath work.

Angelique's passion is to help others heal, awaken and transform their lives though EFT and other modalities for their best possible life.


Teaching Assistant
Magnus has been on board, supporting Sonya Sophia’s projects full time since 2015.

His background as a Yoga Teacher and Energy Worker has informed his work with EFT. He is trained as an Authentic Relating Games Facilitator and has studied with the Mankind Project too.

Over his time with Sonya, he took his first EFT Practitioner Training in 2015 and has been returning as a Teaching Assistant since then.

Magnus has given countless, powerfully led sessions, and facilitates the World Tapping Circle from time to time.


Calista is here to make sure the ship runs smoothly!  It is her great pleasure to ensure that all of the logistical needs are taken care of.

Calista gained her EFT Certification in Spring 2017 and has assisted with logistics & in the kitchen at each subsequent EFT Training. She is dedicated to this work, and has been tapping frequently with friends and clients, as she builds her practice.

An incredible dancer and beautiful spirit, you'll find her a joy to be around. When not checking lists on her clipboard, she is probably getting down in an ecstatic dance.

Living in Austin, she works year round with Team Love on all kinds of projects.


Lead Chef
Julia is a phenomenal & caring chef.  Her meals are always a delight, so nourishing & lovingly prepared.

She's a great source of grounded, calm strength throughout the Training.  She completed her EFT Practitioner Training in 2016 & has attended several EFT Trainings. 

Julia also makes incredible costumes & outfits!

Her work is deeply rooted in understanding the somatic nature of a healing body and mind and in the belief that we can ultimately generate PEACE on earth with this work, healing one heart at a time, lovingly, and compassionately connecting mind, body, and spirit with the HEART.

Extended payment plans available for all students (options available at purchase).

The investment for all inclusive EFT Training: $3,900
5 earlybirds available at $3,400

Returning Student Price: $2,900

5 earlybirds available at $2,400
Purchase here if you are a returning student who has already attended a 10 Day Advanced Training.

EFT Training Package
Graduates can easily make back the tuition & continue earning money through giving deeply gratifying EFT sessions. This training works well for people looking to start a new profession or for an additional income stream along side their current job.

In the past, students have successfully raised their tuition costs, through crowdfunding campaigns. They have extended their Training out into their community, getting their family & friends involved.  One crowdfunding idea is to offer your sponsors a series of EFT sessions once you've completed the Training. 

“I learned how to tap into the power that I have within myself innately, and TRUST it! 
It was some of the best money I ever spent.” E.D. (2017 Graduate)

"This retreat/training, changed my life in practically every way possible. I went in unsure of what to expect, and really there is no way now, as I sit and write this, to describe everything that this experience is. It is singular, completely unique. Profound. The people I trained with are now the sacred inner circle of friends that I know I can trust.

The Team Love Teaching Assistants left me speechless many times a day with their unending ability to hold loving, safe space. And then there’s Sonya! Sonya’s presence, her endless commitment to everyone there, and her exquisitely expressed love, steadfastly maintained throughout the whole 10 days, is the ultimate gift.
The space was a temple, a hospital, a playground. The best adventure for individuals who are ready to take the wild, at times challenging, and ultimately, beautiful deep dive into their own humanity in order to return to their lovers, family, friends, and world, ready to reflect that humanity back for the good of all.
If this is you, you of course already know. Your answer is YES." Vanessa (2018 Graduate)

Email Jennifer, she loves to help! 

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