Advanced EFT Practitioner Training

Change your mind & change the world!
October 18 - 27, 2019
Almeria, Spain
See the science
Change your brain
Heal family patterns
Learn to love yourself
Manifest with ease
Meditate & dance
Bond with Tribe
Get certified in EFT
This Training is thorough, yet it's easy to understand and put into practice immediately.
Knowing how to give a quality EFT session puts you in a powerful position of  knowing  how to help yourself and others process feelings.

If you work with people in any capacity, you'll use your EFT skills every day to help things run more smoothly. This life skill is a game changer for growing a business, leading teams, being a parent, and for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

We have certified EFT Practitioners from a vast array of backgrounds.  They go on to do more than make money giving  professional EFT sessions.

They become leaders in their communities and positively influence the part of society in which they have roots, be it in the education sector, Silicon Valley, the arts, or integrative medicine.

Learn to

Help others heal
Clear Anxiety
Give & receive love
Transform triggers
Create personal peace
Heal physical pain
Use 12 EFT Techniques
 Stand in your power

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