EFT Mini Course with Sonya Sophia

What is EFT a.k.a. Tapping?
"Emotional Freedom Technique is a self-healing modality which allows you to naturally release accumulated stress from your mind and body.
Get started quickly with powerful Mini-Taps while you learn the EFT basics.
Tap on releasing your Inner-Critic & patterns of Doubt.
During these instructional videos you'll find your Tapping points & learn about your energy meridians.
Feel the power that acceptance has to change your brain! 
Included is a full 90 minute Tap-Along (with the World Tapping Circle) where you can get resolution on a major issue!
 Experience the Power of Tapping!
Course length: 3.5 hours
Get $15 EFT Mini Course
​​​​​​​❆ Heal physically & emotionally
❆ Improve your relationships by clearing 'triggers' & past experiences
❆ Accomplish your purpose by releasing limiting beliefs
❆ Increase financial gains by releasing 'self-sabotage' patterns
❆ Cultivate lasting inner peace you can actually feel
Get EFT Mini Course