Learn, Tap  & Transform
"I'm starting to understand how to change long term beliefs and subconscious programming. I didn't know EFT could change that!" Suki - CA.

Beginning - Intermediate EFT Course with Sonya Sophia

Self Paced ♥ Interactive ♥ Online
♥ 30+ hours of inspiring video & cutting edge science
♥ 12 full length lessons with a variety of life changing videos & activities
♥ 3 livestream classes with Sonya Sophia
♥ 1 year membership to the World Tapping Circle (regular price - $302)
♥ Online interactive Conscious Community

This course gives you membership to the World Tapping Circle for 1 YEAR. In the Circle you'll get live Tapping sessions weekly (recorded for your convenience) and a super positive Love infusion during the group Tap experience!
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What has EFT helped you with?
"I am  glowing from the JOY this learning has brought to my life."  Jess - CA.
 "It's beneficial to learn these techniques for your own sanity and release. A definite recommendation if you're wanting real resolution on issues."  Sam - WA.
"Amazing!!! Favorite online class yet!" Evan - TX.

More video Testimonials here.
Get the most cutting-edge info about why and how EFT works.

View of videos from top TED TALK speakers, MDs Neuroscientists and Epigenetic Researchers.

This course is curated to inspire, inform and educate.


♥ Learn how your mind, memory & emotions work
♥ Find the Meridians & discover their impact
♥ Experience how EFT works on you
♥ Learn about the biology
♥ Tap out "Trans-generational memory"

Videos will guide you  through Tapping on a wide variety of subjects including:
♥ The EFT points
♥ Basic EFT protocol
♥ What to say while Tapping
♥ Tapping essentials
♥ A Tapping script - Resistance to Tapping

You'll Tap on specific themes such as fears, doubts, life long assumptions, silencing your inner critic, curing cravings, accepting change & receiving LOVE.

Included is also a popular MONEY manifestation Tap!

In the final section, you'll be guided  through a Tap about the courage to heal,

This interactive course gives you the loving support you need.

In one of the live EFT Classes, Sonya Sophia explains to the students what to expect from her online EFT course.
Meet Sonya Sophia
Sonya Sophia is an EFT expert, gifted empath & 'Love Activist' with 28 years of experience in the Healing Arts. She learned EFT 11 years ago from the creator of Tapping, Gary Craig.
Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts: an online Healing Arts School, which produces The World Tapping Circle: a weekly, interactive, online EFT broadcast and video library.

Read Sonya Sophia's Story.

What is the World Tapping Circle?
This course includes a 1 year subscription to The World Tapping Circle (usually $302)

♥ A weekly, live Tapping group session (heal any issue in the privacy of your home)
♥ Extensive Video Library of Tap-Along videos to work, in depth, on your personal issues
♥ Video Library of 'Mini-Taps', to feel quick relief on specific issues
♥ Ongoing support from a community of healers & world changers
♥ The opportunity to practice self-care & healing on a regular basis

Beginning - Intermediate 
EFT Course 
(6 payments of $62.50)

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Tap LIVE with Sonya Sophia

Each of the 3 live EFT classes in the Course are recorded for your convenience.  The live classes are broadcast in the 6 weeks leading up to the next EFT Practitioner Training (usually each Spring & Fall).  The last 3 classes are available, & if you want to know when the next livestream dates are, please email jennifer.livingarts@gmail.com.

The rest of the 12 in depth lessons are all self-paced so baby step, or blast through - it's up to you!

IN ADDITION: Every Monday, Sonya Sophia beams into your world to Tap with you LIVE or via a REPLAY VIDEO during the World Tapping Circle for 1 year!

Rest assured that not only will this EFT course rock your world & enhance your happiness but it will fit into your schedule because it's all recorded to review anytime.

Tapping  helps you clear generations of cultural conditioning.
Tapping helps you activate  your true self! 

Get Beginning - Intermediate EFT Course

"Sonya Sophia has created a thorough, loving, fun and inspiring course to learn how to naturally heal yourself and our world. I would highly recommend this course!

I'm so glad that I got to learn about EFT from Sonya... she really brings the magic and the love into this incredibly powerful healing work!

This course offers a super solid foundation for anyone wanting to learn about EFT and make big changes in their life."

"I feel cleansed, purified, empowered and soothed and can't wait to learn more. Taking this course is the epitome of giving yourself unconditional love and acceptance."

"This training changed my life in really profound ways. I feel closer to who I really am, and am experiencing a renewed love for myself, life, others, my dreams, and creation."

"It's a fun and easy way to not only learn how to tap on yourself, but to actually move through emotional baggage and old beliefs. I highly recommend this course for anyone."

"I now have a daily Tapping practice and feel more empowered and equipped to face life head on."

"I definitely feel more empowered. I originally took this course just for my own personal growth- to learn how to tap on myself, but now I can imagine even becoming an EFT practitioner and leading others through sessions- holy moly! Didn't expect that one!"

"This online course is a great way to integrate EFT and healing in your everyday life. You can stay at home or be traveling while learning this life changing technology. Thank you for this next level experience of self love and growth."

"My experience with EFT Tapping"
"If you're ready to bloom into yourself, do this course!"

"It's beneficial to learn these techniques for your own sanity and release.  A definite recommendation if you're wanting a quick real resolution to your issues."
More video Testimonials here.

Questions about the course?

Email Jennifer:  jennifer.livingarts@gmail.com

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