Introduction to EFT online Course
with Sonya Sophia
Start to heal & activate your True Power!

Join me for this online Introduction to EFT Course. All the Tapping Essentials are covered, including; the Tapping Points, what to say when Tapping & what to expect when practicing EFT. Frequently Asked Questions by students new to EFT are also answered. There's also lots of great Tap-Along videos, to experience the affect EFT has on you!

This is a thorough introduction to EFT, which can give you the confidence to begin Tapping by yourself!

Self Paced - Interactive - Online

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What has EFT helped you with?
Our students' testimonials.

"I literally couldn't wait to do the lessons and learn more!!"
What is EFT / Tapping?
Imagine learning a technique which allows you to transform anything life brings your way.  Imagine LOVING YOURSELF and healing your past completely. Imagine inspiring others with your example.

EFT can help you...
❆ Decrease your discomfort physically & emotionally
❆ Accomplish your purpose by releasing past conditioning
❆ Inner-peace you can actually feel and share
❆ Improve your relationships by clearing 'triggers'
❆ Increase financial gains by releasing self-sabotage

Learn to Tap from home.

Learn EFT Online

Know the basics, practice the technique - heal yourself!

I'll teach you the EFT basics in a way which is comprehensive, beautiful & easy to understand.  You'll find detailed & easy to follow instructions about how to practice EFT on your own specific issues. As you progress through the course, you'll actually feel relief & freedom as you Tap.

Example lessons from 'Introduction to EFT'
What you need to know about Tapping 
The Tapping Points
✓ Meridians in Motion
✓ Why it's worth investing time in EFT
✓ Tapping when Triggered
✓ How to clear a memory, or specific event, with EFT
✓ What to Tap on / Being Specific using EFT
✓ Why statements made during EFT must resonate with you
✓ Consistency - How often to Tap

There are lots of great Tap-Along videos to get you started. You can Tap to releasing your Inner-Critic, Doubt & Resistance. You'll Tap to stop arguing with reality and connect to the Love that heals.  Sonya Sophia will guide you through a Tapping session to motivate you to learn. There's also a powerful tap to heal Ancestral Memory. Also included is a full 90 minute Tap-Along (with the World Tapping Circle) where you get resolution on an issue!

You'll feel yourself healing as you learn how to practice EFT!

Introduction to EFT Online Course:    $50

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Meet Sonya Sophia
Sonya Sophia is an EFT expert, gifted empath & 'Love Activist' with 28 years of experience in the Healing Arts. She learned EFT 11 years ago from the creator of Tapping, Gary Craig.
Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts: an online Healing Arts School, which produces The World Tapping Circle: a weekly, interactive, online EFT broadcast and video library.

Read Sonya Sophia's Story.

Tapping helps you clear generations of cultural conditioning
& activates your true self! 

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Love Notes From Our Students
"It's amazing to feel yourself healing as you learn."

"It's a fun and easy way to not only learn how to tap on yourself, but to actually move through emotional baggage and old beliefs. I highly recommend this course for anyone."

"I now have a daily Tapping practice and feel more empowered and equipped to face life head on."

Students' Testimonials:
"My experience with EFT"

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