EFT Training with Sonya Sophia
Heal yourself & help humanity ~ facilitate the flow of  L O V E 

10 day Advanced EFT Training
near Austin, TX ~ March 30th to April 8th, 2018

Become a Certified EFT Practitioner 

Enjoy 8 hours each day combining...
♥ Learning EFT techniques
♥ Group Tapping led by Sonya Sophia
♥ Individual attention from advanced EFT practitioners
♥ Q & A sessions
♥ Give supervised Tapping sessions
♥ Yoga - Meditation - Dance
Student Testimonials
What I learned at EFT Training with Sonya Sophia.
“In Sonya’s Advanced EFT Training I learned a profound heartfelt and totally accessible way to unravel deep trauma & pain that years of therapy could not touch.  I am forever grateful.  These 10 days have revealed to me the roots of so many long held, painful beliefs…shining love, light, healing & understanding on them in a very supportive, super safe, group setting where everyone is included.” K.W. (Graduate, Spring 2017)
Tuition Includes
Beginner/Intermediate Level online EFT Training (with 3 live, webinar 90 minute classes with Sonya Sophia)
10 day Intermediate / Advanced Training (all inclusive)
1 year membership to the World Tapping Circle
Continued support via Advanced Practitioners Facebook community
EFT Certification & Training materials from The Sophia School of Living Arts

*Note: Sonya Sophia's Beginner Level EFT Online Course, is a prerequisite to attending the in-person Retreat.

Training Schedule
Live, Love  & Learn on Sacred Land 
Arrive between 5-6pm on Friday, March 30th
Depart at 3:00pm on Sunday, April 8th
Please note that due to the intensive style of this retreat, participants are not permitted to arrive late, or leave early.
3 hours of daily classes
Learn EFT with Sonya Sophia in group sessions; practice powerful EFT techniques, Tap together on common themes (e.g. receiving love, money, sexuality) plus Q & A time with Sonya Sophia.

Please note: This is an immersive experience.  Sonya Sophia’s style of teaching is organic and fluid: schedules & timings may vary according to the needs of the group.

3+ hours a day of EFT Practice  You’ll trade private sessions within the group. Helping you practice not only EFT, but how to structure sessions, manage time & deal with clients. As you try out the EFT techniques each day, you’ll be able to ask questions about what you’re learning. There’s lots of support from skilled & experienced EFT practitioners, who assist Sonya Sophia throughout the retreat. You’ll also receive useful feedback from your Tapping buddies to hone your skills as an EFT practitioner.
1.5 hours of Yoga, Movement & Meditation (7 days)
Physical exercises to easily drop into your body & meditation to center your mind and Spirit.

Creative Activities
Such as; dancing, singing, costume play & drawing to allow you to deeply integrate your experiences.

Personal Time
To relax, go for walks, nap, journal and enjoy tea with your new friends! Often in this time, spontaneous massage, music, cuddling & life changing conversations happen.

Evening Activities (Optional)
Fun inspiring movies, campfire sing-a-longs & other delightful surprises happen in the evenings!

Course Syllabus
Learn how to...
♥ Give in-depth Tapping sessions to yourself & others
♥ Practice Advanced EFT Techniques
♥ Connect and heal your past, present & future self
♥ Transform your emotional triggers
♥ Give & receive love while practicing deep presence
♥ Begin your Personal Peace Procedure - Tapping to clear your own life history
♥ Test your work & handle difficult clients
♥ Stand in your power as a person and EFT practitioner

Student Testimonials:
What would you say to someone thinking of studying with Sonya Sophia?

“This is one of, if not the, most; Nourishing, Activating & Empowering experiences you could ever sign yourself up for.  Do it.”  J.S. (Graduate, Spring 2017)
Meet Sonya Sophia
Sonya Sophia is an EFT expert, gifted empath & 'Love Activist' with 28 years of experience in the Healing Arts. She learned EFT 11 years ago from the creator of Tapping, Gary Craig.  Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts: an online Healing Arts School, which produces The World Tapping Circle: a weekly, interactive, online EFT broadcast and video library.

Read Sonya Sophia's Story


Extended payment plans available for all students (options available at purchase).

The investment for all inclusive EFT Training: $3,200

Returning Student's Price: $2,200

Purchase here if you are a returning student who has already attended a 10 Day Advanced Training.

EFT Training Package
Graduates can easily make back the tuition & continue earning money through giving deeply gratifying EFT sessions. This training works well for people looking to start a new profession or for an additional income stream along side their current job.

In the past, students have successfully raised their tuition costs, through crowdfunding campaigns. They have extended their Training out into their community, getting their family & friends involved.  One crowdfunding idea is to offer your sponsors a series of EFT sessions once you've completed the Training. 

“I learned how to tap into the power that I have within myself innately, and TRUST it! 
It was some of the best money I ever spent.” E.D. (Graduate Spring 2017)
Included in the Package:
Everything you need to succeed as an EFT Practitioner
Beginner/Intermediate Level EFT Training: 6 week online course value $375
♥ One year subscription to The World Tapping Circle (52 live sessions plus huge Video Library) value $302

♥ 10 days all inclusive EFT Training with Sonya Sophia in the United States (March 30th - April 8th, 2017)
     ⁃ Nourishing meals prepared for you, from dinner on arrival, through lunch on departing day
     - 9 nights of accommodation (either indoor sleeping arrangement - or camping)
     ⁃ 25+ hours of Teaching time with Sonya Sophia
     ⁃ 25+ hours supervised practice time
     ⁃ Round the clock support from experienced EFT Practitioners (Teaching Assistants)
     ⁃ Daily yoga & meditation classes
     ⁃ Ecstatic dances & creative practices
     ⁃ All course materials
     ⁃ The knowledge & skills necessary to become a potent EFT practitioner
     ⁃ EFT Advanced Level certification from The Sophia School of Living Arts
Meet Team Love
These all stars are Team Love! They come to support you throughout the Training.
Teaching Assistant &

What Jennifer enjoys most is watching people fall in love with their life.


She has studied & worked in the Healing Arts for 12 years, specializing in EFT for over 7 years. 

Jennifer co-ordinates the Team of teaching assistants and, together with Mateo, handles the logistics of the Training.

Teaching Assistant
Ann is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and EFT practitioner who uses emotional freedom technique in her work as an integrative medical practitioner, hospitalist, festival emergency medical care provider and as a pain management clinician.

Ann was trained in Emotional Freedom Technique by Sonya Sophia in 2015.  Impressed  by the speed and depth of healing she witnessed in both herself and the others at Sonya’s workshops, she has attended several of Sonya’s subsequent retreats and is now assisting Sonya in a supportive role.

Teaching Assistant
Surya works full time supporting Sonya
Sophia’s projects for the past 2 years.

His background is a Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker, and taken an Authentic Relating Facilitator Training, and completed an intensive with the Mankind Project.

Over his time with Sonya, Surya has taken a 10-day advanced EFT Practitioner Training and has returned as a Teaching Assitant for two other trainings. Surya has given over a hundred EFT session’s and also facilitates the World Tapping Circle from time to time.


Teaching Assistant
Jade is a  multi-dimensional artist, and healer.  Since doing her first training two years ago, EFT has transformed the way she show up for herself, in her relationships with friends and family, and in the  many facets of her professional practice in the visual and performing arts.

She has learned to lovingly navigate and steer her divine focus through the turbulent waters of challenging emotions—dissolving outmoded beliefs around unworthiness, and inherited patterns of guilt and shame. How good it felt to shed those layers of scaly energy!


Lead Chef
Julia is a phenomenal & caring chef.  Her meals are always a delight, so nourishing & lovingly prepared.

She's a great source of grounded, calm strength throughout the Training. 

She completed her EFT Practitioner Training last year & has attended several EFT Trainings. 

Julia also makes incredible costumes & outfits!


Kitchen Goddess
Hiral is one of the sweetest, kindest beings one can ever meet. 

Having trained EFT with Sonya Sophia in 2015, she's returned for several Trainings since then.

Hiral was a kitchen goddess at the last Training & served us all with her love & presence...even at 7am!


Kitchen Goddess
Calista gained her EFT Certification last Spring & is Tapping frequently to strengthen her practice.

An incredible dancer & beautiful spirit, you'll find her a joy to be around.

Living in Austin, she frequently helps Team Love with all kinds of projects.  We're delighted to have her in the kitchen!



Logistics Co-ordinator

Trained as an EFT Practitioner in 2015 & a full time member of Team Love.

Mateo integrated his 20 years of experience in business and finance with TEAM LOVE. Mateo loves supporting the emotional health of our world through EFT and the World Tapping Circle.

 Cypress Valley ~ near Austin, Texas

Live in conscious community with your new Tapping friends!
This  10 day EFT Training is at Cypress Valley - a beautiful retreat center 45 minutes from Austin, Texas. One of the many highlights of Cypress Valley is the lush nature & gorgeous wildflowers and a spring fed swimming pool.

We will be living and learning in conscious community in the beautiful circular ranch house.  Sleeping arrangements will be cozy - all rooms will be shared accommodations.  We have a combination of indoor beds & futons, and single mattresses on a screened in sleeping porch. Sleeping places are assigned on a first come, first served basis - so the sooner you sign up, the better! 

Participants rave about the loving and caring environment which nourishes your body with healthy & delicious (mostly) organic food, and feeds your soul as you earn your EFT certification to become an Advanced EFT Practitioner.

You will emerge with new life long friends with powerful way of serving the world and earning a living!

We use EFT to recode ourselves
and the Matrix with  L O V E 
Purchase EFT Training Package
Questions about the course?

Email Jennifer, she loves to help! jennifer.livingarts@gmail.com

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