EFT Chakra Sweep with Sonya Sophia
A powerful 7 part self-paced series to help you activate and clear each of your Chakras.
❤️ Learn self love
❤️ Heal trauma
❤️ Clear karma
❤️ Reduce pain & fear
❤️ Clarify purpose
❤️ Enhance Relationships
❤️ Align with the Divine

Clear your chakras with EFT with expert guidance from Sonya Sophia,
a master in the field.

The goal of the Chakra Sweep is to learn about your chakras as you release and activate each energy center using Emotional Freedom Techniques.  You will learn the self healing technique of EFT as you use it to sweep out old, fears, feelings and issues.

The online chakra sweep course is entirely self-paced.  There is no time limit or restriction on it.  Upon signing up you will have access to the 7 video workshops & can move through them at your own speed.  You can also revisit them whenever you like.  The videos are available indefinitely.
EFT has been scientifically for proven to sweep out toxic emotions and help shift limiting beliefs to loving ones!
"EFT is like a yoga class for the mind"

What Is EFT Tapping?

EFT also called ‘Tapping’ is a safe and natural, scientifically proven, self-healing technique which allows you to deeply release accumulated stress, trauma and pain from both mind & body at an accelerated pace.

EFT Helps You To...







This series is guaranteed to open your heart, clear your head and deeply empower you!

 "I just took this course on line from Canada. It's SO POWERFUL, I intend to do the lessons over and over to go deeper and deeper with this work. Sonya Sophia is a gifted healer, a clear channel of wisdom and a bright light of beauty.
I highly recommend this series :)"  - Danielle French


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2 monthly payments of $49.50

Root Chakra

 This session clears, grounds, and calms you. Come to release issues involving worry, fear, survival or permission to be yourself. Release inherited beliefs and old memories from your body. Create a loving foundation of safety, permission and peace. 

Sacral Chakra

Feeling alive, open and juicy makes you sexier, healthier and more fun! Use this session to clear issues related to pleasure, sex, desire, & creative freedom. Join us to feel safe to express JUICE and JOY!
Solar Plexus Chakra

This Divine Purpose session is POTENT.  Here we build confidence, focus and action. 
The solar plexus resonates with issues related to will, choice and success.  Join us to align your will with inspired right action!
Heart Chakra

 Open up the flow of love in your heart by healing hurts. This session clears issues around relationships. Leave with an enhanced ability to give and receive LOVE. Your heart and your loved ones will rejoice. 

Throat Chakra

 Come to increase clean, clear self expression. Release blocks to communicating your TRUTH. Tapping through issues related to this chakra, helps you become a better boundary setter, listener, singer, writer, speaker, teacher, parent or leader. 
Third Eye Chakra

 Bring in new realities with your inspired thoughts. This session will improve your ability to perceive your visions, trust your intuition and follow your inner guidance. You will learn to use EFT to manifest your dreams into actual reality. 

Crown Chakra

In this final session we connect to our Eternal Divine Nature opening to expanded states of peace and unity. 
Come to enhance your ability to meditate and stay connected to Divine LOVE and WISDOM throughout your life.

What is EFT?

EFT is a body based, self-healing technique which combines the meridians of Chinese medicine with unconditional love and acceptance. 

Over 20 clinical trials of EFT published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals have demonstrated that it is effective for fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, pain, grief, divorce, addictions, cravings, illness, sexual healing, body image, self esteem, weight loss, accidents, injury, improved performance, and other issues.

Meet Sonya Sophia
Sonya Sophia is an EFT expert, gifted empath & 'Love Activist' with 28 years of experience in the Healing Arts. She learned EFT 11 years ago from the creator of Tapping, Gary Craig.

Sonya Sophia is the founder of The Sophia School of Living Arts: an online Healing Arts School, which produces The World Tapping Circle: a weekly, interactive, online EFT broadcast and video library. Read Sonya Sophia's Story.
EFT Chakra Sweep
A  powerful choice for deep healing and inner growth at an affordable price
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2 monthly payments of $49.50
Sonya Sophia EFT Testimonials
"Outstanding!!! I'm so glad that I got to learn about EFT from Sonya... she really brings the magic and the love into this powerful form of healing work!"

"It's a fun and easy way to not only learn how to tap on yourself, but to actually move through emotional baggage and old beliefs. I highly recommend this course to anyone."

"I now have a daily Tapping practice and feel more empowered and equipped to face life head on."

What has EFT helped you with?
"I am  glowing from the JOY this learning has brought to my life."  Jess - CA.
 "It's beneficial to learn these techniques for your own sanity and release. A definite recommendation if you're wanting real resolution on issues."  Sam - WA.
"Amazing!!! Favorite online class yet!" Evan - TX.

More video Testimonials here.
Questions about the series?
Email Jennifer:  jennifer.livingarts@gmail.com

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