Self-Evolution Fuels the Revolution 

A curated EFT experience for Cultural Creatives &
World-Changers in a Palace
with Sonya Sophia

Imagine entering a secret dome hidden in an antique portal for the arts
which began in San Francisco in 1915.

Now imagine being surrounded 360 by entrancing animation by visionary artist Android Jones as you are sonicly soothed with elixir soundscapes that help you liberate your subconscious.

Imagine being supported by Sonya Sophia who shows you how to use EFT to up level your brain and utilize your energy field while downloading superpowers into your body and the world.

We will be tapping into what's possible
with people who are at the leading edge of
*  You are on the A list
*  We expect 65 tickets to disappear & to reach capacity in 24 hours

*  If you bring guests, choose wisely whom you help to empower

 Part 1: Self-Evolution

Saturday February 17th

1-5 pm

At the Palace of Fine Arts  - 3601 Lyons st SF 94123
Activate - remove blocks & conditioning - integrate upgrades physically & emotionally.

 Part 2: Revolution

Sunday February 18th
1-5 pm

At the Palace of Fine Arts  - 3601 Lyons st SF 94123

Align - clarify purpose - enhance courage & capacity - bless yourself & the world.  
Because re-designing the world requires access to
untapped levels of growth & personal power.